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Surprise summer offer


Make it easy to organize your surprise summer vacation with friends with Travelise!


Having trouble organizing your vacation with friends? Let us take care of the planning and magic of your summer vacation. Embark on an unforgettable summer week and create unforgettable memories with friends and family. On the way to your vacation destination, we'll be happy to provide you with a few surprise suggestions, such as a must-try restaurant or a viewpoint that's well worth a visit. From a selection of villas with swimming pools and close to the sea across Europe, Travelise is sure to surprise you this summer! You can choose whether or not to be informed of the program, and keep the surprise for the rest of the group.


From de 990.- CHF

Your tailor-made vacation



Travelise takes care of everything

We help you organize your turnkey, tailor-made stay. Reservations, transportation, accommodation, activities, meals. All within your budget.


Want to be in the know about the program and keep the surprise for others? Be our accomplice and give us your criteria. We'll draw up a tailor-made offer for you, illustrated so you can plan your trip.


The Travelise App

During the trip, participants will discover the surprise program as they go along, thanks to the Travelise app.

Why Roadtrip ?




  • Travel comfort
  • Freedom of baggage size and quantity
  • Time to stop and enjoy the scenery
  • Travel time equal to door-to-door air travel
  • Have a car on site to get around

Discover the destinations we've selected for your summer


Included in your summer offer :

  • Minimum 4 nights in a charming villa with swimming pool close to the sea
  • A surprise summer destination far from mass tourism
  • A guide to activities and suggestions on the Travelise app
  • A pleasant driving itinerary with suggested stops along the way itinéraire

    From 5 days and 6 people

    Frome 990.- CHF

In Switzerland or Europe

The Travelise experience

  • Découvrez la région de la Provence

    - La Provence

  • Travelise nous a envoyé dans une destination qui ne nous serait pas venue à l'esprit. L'activité surprise a dépassé nos attentes : nous avons été chouchoutés et pris en charge toute la journée par un guide privé pour de multiples découvertes.

    - Anthony B.

  • Découvrez la région de la Côte Amalfitaine

    - La Côte Amalfitaine

  • Merci pour cette journée au top ! Toutes les activités étaient très intéressantes et la révélation des surprises sur l'App est géniale.

    - Camille B.

  • Découvrez la région de la mer du Nord

    - La mer du Nord

  • "Merci pour tout le travail effectué pour nous permettre de vivre une expérience vraiment sympa! Nous avons passé un super weekend et je recommanderai l'expérience à mes connaissances sans hésiter".

    - Aurélie D.

  • Découvrez la région des Dolomites

    - Les Dolomites

  • Ne vous souciez plus des transports. Au départ de vos bureaux, votre chauffeur vous conduira sur le lieu de votre sortie en bus ou minibus.

    - Transport privatisé avec chauffeur

  • Découvrez la région du tracé du Rhin

    - Le tracé du Rhin

  • "Nous étions pendus à l'application hâtifs de découvrir la prochaine surprise, le concept est intéressant et garde en haleine tout le long du séjour".

    - Un client heureux grâce à l'APP

  • Découvrez la région du Piémont

    - Le Piémont

  • Découvrez la région du Tyrol

    - Le Tyrol

  • découvrez la région des Pouilles

    - Les Pouilles

  • Découvrez la région de la Bourgogne

    - La Bourgogne

The Travelise Experience

Original destination

Off the beaten track

We work with selected destinations in Switzerland and Europe, from the Alps to the Mediterranean, from Dutch beaches to little-known islands. We avoid the main destinations and offer regions outside mass tourism! You choose your preferred area and the destinations you don't want!

Your transport

By car

For this offer, we design a roadtrip to your vacation villa. Take your car and let our suggestions guide you, or simply drive to your destination. We avoid long car journeys, and if you prefer, we can also take you by ferry

The villas

with pool and close to the sea

We select charming villas with swimming pools close to the sea. What's more, we select locations according to your desires for activities. Whether they're festive or sporting, we take your wishes into account.

They talk about us

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Frequently asked questions

  • We work with selected destinations in Switzerland and Europe, from the Alps to the Mediterranean, from Dutch beaches to little-known islands. We partner with regional tourism organizations to offer you exclusive access to memorable places.

  • The Travelise Mobile APP at your service

    As you've already guessed, you discover your destination on the day of your departure. But how does it work?

    Once you've made your reservation on, you'll receive a confirmation email containing your travel criteria and preferences.

    Then all you have to do is download the APP onto your phone via your usual APPstore (free of charge). You can then enter the secret codes we'll send you 10 days before departure.

    Your trip and the various surprises will appear locked. Before you leave, you'll find out what to pack, where to meet and even the weather forecast. Everything you need to leave with peace of mind.

    On D-Day, the App will show you your destination. All the different routes, confirmations, tickets and meeting times will be right on your phone!

  • We organize tailor-made group tours for groups of 6 to 20 people.

  • select European routes in countries bordering Switzerland. For your comfort, we prefer routes between 5am and 8am, with a pleasant itinerary and suggestions for breaks if you wish to eat during your journey or simply take a break.

  • The offer is valid only for roadtrips with your own vehicle. We do not offer air travel.

  • 10 days before your departure, you'll discover the list of things to pack in your suitcase. You'll also have access to the weather forecast for your destination. The Mobile Application will contain all trip confirmations. You won't have to worry about a thing. You'll also find out where you're going, when you're meeting and all the information you need to prepare for your trip.

  • If you've been lucky enough to receive a Travelise voucher, all you need to do is make a reservation on our website. At checkout, you'll have the option of entering the voucher code. The deduction will be made automatically, and all you have to do is pay the balance if necessary.

  • Travelise is a Swiss company and we work with tourism/event professionals all over Europe, including Switzerland. We've been organizing surprise trips for individuals and companies since September 2016. We're the first to guarantee a secure surprise thanks to our mobile app. Find out more about our history on our Team page.

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