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The Team

The Team

Morgane Pfefferlé - Co-founder & CEO

Alain Quartenoud - Co-founder & COO

Lucas Butty - CTO

Charlotte Bourles - Travel Designer Manager

Jasmine Hug - Travel Designer

Lucien Marlétaz - Coordinator groups

Camille Dauwalder - Coordinator groups

Emma Duc - Coordinator groups

Gauthier Rey - Coordinator groups

Luca Ronga - Travel Designer Junior

Our History

  1. It all started in June 2015 during an innovation competition at the HES-SO in tourism and management in Sierre. Morgane grabbed a pencil and wrote down the elements of a journey. She traced the word "Destination" and quickly realized that there was a future in this idea. And that's how Travelise was born. The basic school project confirmed its potential by winning the competition.
  2. Joined in September 2015 by Alain, the two co-founders embarked on the adventure to create a brand new travel experience in Europe. Accompanied by a small team, Travelise participated in the Business Experience program of the HES-SO and won the first prize. With their Bachelor's degree in hand, the two friends officially founded Travelise on November 25, 2016. The following year, 388 contributors from all over the French-speaking part of Switzerland supported Travelise through a crowdfunding campaign, thus laying the first solid foundations of the start-up.
  3. Since then, Travelise has been joined by an exceptional and dedicated team that has allowed it to grow to what it is today: the first surprise travel agency in Switzerland! Her vision is to use the power of surprise to create sustainable and local tourism in Switzerland and Europe. And to do so, she intends to keep her start-up soul in perpetual search of innovation.

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