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The concept

Swiss made
Swiss made

We are the specialists in surprise trips. Discover your destination on the day of your departure and let yourself be taken to unexpected places close to home.

Why the surprise trip?

Thanks to the surprise, our objective is to create a sustainable tourism by making you discover new destinations in Switzerland and in the nearby countries, far from the beaten tracks and as close as possible to the culture of the country.
Since our beginning, our mission is to put surprise in your lives by allowing you to discover unknown places close to home! We are convinced that there is no need to go to the other side of the world to feel emotions and discover unusual places!
That's what Travelise is all about: To live an experience in all consciousness by letting yourself be carried along by the journey without worrying about anything! But how is it possible? Thanks to our Mobile Application Travelise! It will guide you throughout your stay and will reveal to you thanks to a countdown your destination, the necessary information as well as all the surprise activities which will make your trip a unique experience!

We tell you everything: Travelise is the mixture of Travel + Surprise (to pronounce in English), you understood it we are the specialists of the Surprise Travel in Switzerland and in the countries of proximities! We offer you a new way to travel by keeping your destination secret until the day of your departure... And yes it is possible and it is very simple!

Simply choose your dates and criteria when booking your trip online: Our Travels designer will then organize a tailor-made experience according to your desires by carefully choosing among our selected partners. A few days before your departure, you will receive the secret codes of the Travelise App which will guide you throughout your stay! It will tell you where you are going on the day of your departure, what you need to take, the weather and all the activities that await you!

All you have to do is book your surprise trip and the adventure begins!

3 values we hold dear


One of the foundations of Travelise is the promotion of responsible tourism. Travelise offers the possibility to (re)discover Switzerland and its neighbouring countries in a different way while having a positive impact on the local economies. We believe that the emotions of travel can be experienced on a regular basis without necessarily having to go to the other side of the world.


Aren't the best memories of a trip often linked to a meeting? This is why our trips are based above all on sharing human experiences and moments of simplicity and authenticity.

Sustainable and innovative tourism

We like to work with local craftsmen and service providers who are passionate about their region. We are committed to promoting them to the best of our ability without taking a commission in order to promote sustainable tourism. This way of traveling promotes sustainable tourism while offering an immersive experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the stories behind each provider and to meet the local people.

The Travelise Experience

Travelise Lac Montagne Suisse

From Surprise to Surprise

Off the beaten track

We don't just work to hide the destination from you. Each destination, accommodation or activity brings its own touch of surprise and originality. We use the concept of surprise to make you live the moment and discover new facets of your destination.

Our transportation

Travel safely

Whether you go to Europe or Switzerland, you can choose the means of transportation of your choice: Train, Bus or private car! If you choose the train, the departure will be from the main station nearest to you! In Switzerland, we offer transportation by minibus with driver, by train or with your own car. There is something for everyone.

Our accommodations

Authenticity and quality above all!

Our Travels designers select for you the best accommodations avoiding the big hotel chains! All our accommodations offer a hotel service (reception, welcome, services at disposal) and correspond to Swiss standards and Travelise standing. They all have a private bathroom. Breakfast and tourist taxes are always included with Travelise.

Our activities

a local experience

At Travelise there is something for everyone! When you book your trip, you can tell us what you want to do and what you want to avoid! All your criteria will be taken into account. We also make sure to offer you an experience that is close to the locals, authentic and that suits you! Our App will also give you several suggestions in addition to surprise activities!

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