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  • A personal surprise trip

    You have the possibility to tell us your criteria by answering several questions when booking. If you have special requests, you will find a text field at the end of the questionnaire where you can tell us your wishes.

    In Europe

    When booking, you can specify which countries/destinations you wish to avoid. In order to surprise you, we avoid the main tourist cities such as: Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome and London (unless otherwise requested). Travelise chooses its destinations according to the advice of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, which updates its travel advice every day.

    In Switzerland

    We offer surprise trips and tours in several cantons. You just have to choose your preferred canton. The trips and activities are made to suit everyone and are adapted according to your restrictions. No risk to find yourself at a bungee jumping initiation on a cliff side!

  • When booking, you can specify which countries/destinations you wish to avoid. We are focused on Switzerland and Europe. We do not offer any trips outside Europe. Travelise chooses its destinations according to the advice of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, which updates its travel advice daily.

    Link :

  • The Travelise Mobile APP to serve you
    You have understood it, you discover your destination the day of your departure. But how does it work?
    Once you have made your reservation on, you will receive a confirmation email with your travel criteria and preferences.
    You will then just have to download the APP on your phone via your usual APPstore (free). You will then be able to insert the secret codes that we will send you 10 days before your departure.
    Your trip and the different surprises will appear in a locked way. Before your departure, you will discover the things to take in your suitcase, the meeting point and even the weather forecast. Everything you need to leave with peace of mind.
    On D-Day, the App will show you your destination. The different routes, confirmations, tickets and meeting times will be directly on your phone!

    What if I don't have a network?
    The app works offline, so you won't use your mobile data and your confirmations will be accessible at any time.

  • 10 days before your departure, you will discover the list of things to take in your suitcase. You will also have access to the weather forecast of your destination. The mobile application will contain all the trip confirmations. You will not have to worry about anything. You will also know the place of departure, the time of meeting and all the useful information for your preparation.

  • If you are lucky enough to have received a Travelise voucher, all you have to do is make a reservation on our website. At the time of payment, you will be able to enter the voucher code. The deduction will be made automatically and you will only have to pay the balance if needed.

  • Of course, traveling with an electric vehicle is entirely possible. We'll plan your trip accordingly, making sure you have enough battery power to cover the entire distance and knowing where you can recharge your vehicle along the way. Leave with peace of mind.

  • We organize tailor-made outings according to your budget for your company, association or private group from 5 to 200 people. Our team is at your disposal for any special and original request. Together, we will make them live a memorable experience!

  • Of course! We invite you to contact us directly at or specify it when you make your reservation. We will organize a trip tailored to your level of mobility.

  • Once you have paid for your trip, we will take care of booking your stay according to your criteria. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided when booking.
    You will then receive a secret code to download your Travelise application. Several surprises will be closed. They will open as you go along by means of a countdown on our mobile application!

  • 10 days before


    Travelise Mobile App

    2 days before


    Travelise Mobile App



    Travelise Mobile App


    • Departure and arrival times
    • The meeting place
    • The things to take
    • The weather of your destination
    • The destination! Your tickets can be found directly on the App
    • For Switzerland, the APP gives you the GPS route directly
    • During the journey, you discover the accommodation
    • During your stay, the App reveals the surprise activity(ies)!


  • You can cancel your trip free of charge up to 61 days before your departure. In this case, we will reimburse you by bank transfer. For cancellations made after this date, fees will be charged. Please note that tickets, once reserved, are not refundable.

    You will find all our conditions HERE

  • Travelise is committed to keeping your information confidential and secure. The goal is to use this data to provide you with personalized travel experiences that are tailored to you.

    Find our privacy policy HERE

  • All you have to do is download the "Travelise" application from Android Market or Apple Store. Once the application is on your smartphone, you will be able to enter your e-mail and the code to access your trip. These accesses are communicated to you only 10 days before your trip by e-mail.

  • experience a surprise trip

    1. Book your trip on
    2. Download the Travelise APP
    3. Let yourself be surprised!


    Let's go

    Offer a surprise trip

    1. Choose your gift certificate
    2. Receive it by mail or digitally
    3. The lucky ones can choose their dates and criteria on


    Gift Voucher


  • When ordering, you can specify whether you want to leave with your pet or have it looked after. If you choose the second option, we will put you in contact with our partner Sowapi, the Swiss pet-sitting platform.

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