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Innovative, Customized, Sustainable

Surprise trip to Europe

Swiss made
Swiss made

Discover your destination on the day of departure!

We organize your surprise trip according to your criteria and preferences. A personalized and unique surprise trip far from mass tourism.

Thanks to our mobile application, you will know what stuff to take with you and you will discover the program through different surprises and countdowns.
A memorable and original experience to discover places and activities off the beaten track that value local providers.

Our Advantages

A personalized, original and lasting experience

A surprise made to measure

Customize your trip

Secure your surprise stay by filling out our form and indicating your criteria and preferences. We will organize an original and global experience including transportation, lodging, activities, suggestions, assistance!

Time saving

No stress

Delegate us the responsibility of your trip and leave with peace of mind. We will accompany you from A to Z, even in case of unexpected events. Fill in our form in 5 minutes and our mobile app will show you the different surprises in due time.

A lasting experience

A tourism of meeting

We work with local destinations outside of mass tourism; with local partners to whom we do not take any commission in order to value their knowledge and work. We have also chosen not to fly anymore in order to promote sustainable tourism while offering an immersive experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the stories behind each service provider and to meet the local people!


  • Séjournez loin des chaînes hôtelières et découvrez des hébergements de charme de qualité.

    - Hotel de charme

  • Laissez-vous surprendre par des lieux encore méconnus

    - Destination méconnue

  • Profitez des plages de sable blanc

    - Europe

  • Imprégnez-vous de l'atmosphère des vieilles villes au charme d'antan.

    - Des rues colorées

  • "On vous remercie d'avoir été là pour fêter nos 10 ans, nous avons adoré le concept et nous n'hésiterons pas à refaire appel à vous pour un prochain voyage car de mon côté ça m'a permis d'avoir la surprise et c'est vraiment top ! ".

    - Charlaine P.

How it works


Customize your trip

Fill out our form and tell us your criteria and preferences!


Download the App

The App reveals the things to take, as well as the place and time of the meeting while keeping you surprised!


Discover your destination

Revelation of the destination on D-day. The participants discover the program during their stay.

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