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Why did we stop air travel ?


You may remember that in the early days of Travelise, we offered surprise airplane trips. However, our vision was to use the concept of surprise travel to encourage the Swiss to travel more sustainably. When booking, travelers could choose the option of taking the train or even staying in Switzerland. But, let's be honest, this kind of demand remained low compared to air travel.

However, in 2020, the global pandemic arrived and impacted Travelise, forcing us to deal with this health crisis and exclusively promote travel within Switzerland. This is how SwissTours were born: exploring a region of Switzerland without crossing our country's borders. The concept remains the same... THE SURPRISE, but the way of traveling has evolved.


An ecological choice, but not only

Today, it is crucial to incorporate a sustainable and responsible aspect into travel. We had emphasized the social and economic aspect by offering activities that respect local destinations and providers. However, from an ecological perspective, air travel tarnished the picture. Our Travel Designers intensified their efforts to develop destinations with low-carbon emission transportation, such as night trains. This is a unique mode of transport that had lost its popularity with the rise of low-cost flights. You fall asleep at one station and wake up at the other end of Europe! At the same time, a new philosophy was born, slow travel, which encourages taking the time to travel and discover the destination.

Is my train journey really longer than by plane?

Most of our trips take place in Switzerland or Europe, which means we usually cover relatively short distances. Therefore, choosing to take a plane always involves traveling to the airport, which can take time. Not to mention the recommended two hours for passing through security checks. Opting for train travel offers the advantage of arriving directly in the heart of the destination city, avoiding additional travel such as the one between the airport and the city center.

The advantages of the train

For your journeys, we prioritize first-class tickets that offer an extra level of comfort. You can enjoy the tranquility of finishing your last emails, reading a book, or simply resting.

Another great convenience of train journeys is flexibility in case of problems. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, it is often easier to modify or cancel your train reservation, allowing us to adjust your trip based on the circumstances.

You can admire the changing landscapes passing by the window, adding a touch of pleasure and discovery to your travel experience. Some trains offer restaurant cars to have lunch, simply relax with a drink, making the journey even more enjoyable, let's not kid ourselves.

Ultimately, the train offers the possibility, even the opportunity to stop along the way to enjoy discovering a destination en route.

The disadvantages

Our goal is not to overly praise trains in a biased way. Reservations, connections on the European network, or the modernity of some train cars still have room for improvement compared to European planes. However, the railway sector is in full development, with new night trains being created, and new routes are reopening every year. For example, it will be possible to travel from Zurich to Barcelona by night train starting at the end of 2024

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And Finally ...

Finally, we were delighted to see that train travel, including night trains, as well as personal car trips, have captivated you as much as us. As a result, our vision is even stronger to become the first European agency to completely shift away from air transportation. There are hundreds of other reasons to encourage you to change your way of traveling, but we firmly believe that the train has the potential to become the preferred mode of transportation in Europe in the years to come.

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